99 things about me (english version)

1 3 names I use: Sandra, Sandy, Kaos
2. Something I like about myself: I'm stubborn as a mule and never ever give up
3. Something I dont like about myself: Can get extremely restless and I suffer from pretty bad insomnia
4. This I'm afraid of: Can't think of anything at the moment, is that good or bad?
5. Three things which I want everyday: to have fun, coke ligh and all the wonderful people I know in my life in one way or another
6. Three things I absolutely can not do: stay healthy for more than a month at the time,  stop thinking, doing one thing at the time
7. This I like to do: Hang out with all the wonderful ppl in my life, write, photography, ride in cars (yeah, yeah... I find beeing on the road relaxing, k? ) and a million things more...
8. This I want to do right now: travel, make new contacts, meet new and interesting ppl
9. Best feeling:  to be on your way forward in life
10. Worst feeling: to miss someone and sorrow
11. I want my partner to be like....: himself...
12. Am I in love right now? maybe...
13. I wanna get married... to the right person...
14. The following things I want to do before I die: travel, acchive my goals in life, learn a couple of more languages.
15. My most loved belonging: my Canon EOS 500D
16. A gift I want: Can't be bought for all the money in the world...
17. Right now I'm wearing: a sweater and jeans...
18. Favourite clothes: t-shirt and jeans
19. Favourite animal: like all kinds of animals
20. Favourite music category: heavy metal!!
21. Favourite songs right now: cant get my head around you - the offspring & I wont get in my way - Mr.Big
22. Funniest/most boring class in school: Been a long time since I was in school... music and english was pretty fun. 
23. Starsign: Virgo
24. A book I love: Anything by John Grisham
25. A movie I love: 50 first dates
26. Tv-show I like:  2 1/2 men, NCIS big bang theory, the simpsons, family guy etc...
27. Favourite scent: hard question...
28. I like to eat: chicken
29. Favourite drink: coca-cola light and orange juice
30. Favourite candy: chocholate
31. I wanna go here for vacation: greece, japan, italiy, USA
32. Eyecolour: green
33. Height: 160 cm
34. I belive in: fate, but I also believe we can change our own fate by the choices we make...
35. I play: way too much Halo, Poker och guitarr
36. Someone I admire: all the wonderful ppl in my life in one way or another
37. This is how I live: I move around a lot, and have no permanent place to stay. right now I live in a apartment downtown.
38. Number of dead plants in my home: plants?? can you eat that?
39. This turns me on: figure it out yourself...
40. This is a big turn off: see previous answear...
41. Favourite colour:  black, white, purple, blue
42. Favourite quote: there's way too many good quotes. The days we've lived is not the days who have passed, the life we've lived is the days we remember.
43. A secret I know: A secret is always a secret and if I told you it wouldnt be a secret anymore...
44. Best gift ever: is not material. it's all the great and wonderful ppl in my life
45. Last cd I bought: think it was ac/dc high voltage...
46. What I like the best about my looks: all of it put together LOL
47. What I like the least about my looks: my feet are extremely ugly
48. wired quality/ability: anyone who knows me knows I'm a little bit diffrent
49. If I was a animal I would be: an eagle
50. Listening to right now? Mötley Crüe - white trash circus
51. What have you done / are going to do today? rest until my cold goes away
52. Where are your parents born? In sweden
53. Latest program installed on your computer? some diffrent music programs
54. Favourite resturant? don't have one
55. Last time you took a bath in a pool? who knows?? years ago?
56. Have you ever been in a schoolplay? not a schoolplay but I love acting...
57. How many kids do you want? I'll tell you when I know...
58. Music category you dont like? dance!
59. What will you vote for in the election? it's a little too far away to tell haha
60. What tv-channels do you have? I dont really watch tv...
61. Have you ever been on a moped? yep, been inolved in an accident on one too...
62. Have you ever made prank phonecalls? no, dont really find it amusing...
63. Got any parkingtickets? not yet...
64. Have you ever gone bungyjumping or PARACHUTE JUMPING? No, but I really want to try!
65. Vilken är den plats längst bort som du har besökt? den som ändå det visste
66. Do you have a own garden? fuck no, not my thing...
67. Favourite comic book figure? Iron Man maybe?
68. Do you know all the words in the national anthem? nope
69. Bathtub or shower? depends on which mood i'm in
70. Best movie you'e seen so far this month? Iron Man 2
71. Favourite pizza? hawaii
72. Chips or popcorn? Chips
73. Which shade of lipstick do you use? don't use lipstick
74. Have you ever smoked peanutshells? eh... no???
75. Have you ever entered a beautypagent? no way in hell
76. Orange- eller applejuice? orange any day of the week
77. Who was the last person you ate out with and where did you go? Johan at some pizza place in falun
78. Favourite chocolate? regular milkchocolate
79. Last time you voted? who knows... I dont...
80. When was the last time you had a tomato from your own garden? maybe this summer, dont know
81. Have you ever won a trophy? in soccer, does that count?
82. Are you any good at cooking? ask my friends...
83. Do you know how to fill up a car? yes, otherwise it would be time to return my liscense.
84. Have you ever ordered anything from tv-shop? nope
85. Pepsi or Coca Cola? Cola
86. Did you ever have to use a uniform at work? nope
87. Latest thing you bought? cola
88. Have you thrown up in public? nope
89.what do you want, get rich or find true love? true love, money doesnt buy happiness.
90. Do you believe in love at first sight? yes sir
91. Har du ringt något betalnummer? nope
92. Can you be friends with your ex? why not?
93. Who was the last person you had to visit in a hospital? Vera
94. Did you have a lot of hair as a baby? not a clue
95. What kind of msg do you have on your answearingmachine? some automatic recording from the company I use.
96. What's in your purse? bowlinball... farmtools... en golfcart...
97. Something you always do before you go to bed:  watch a movie
98. What are you thankful for today? I have the most wonderful ppl in the world in my life
99. Where did you find this list? http://alvam.blogg.se/

Postat av: matilda ! ;D

nice blogg.

varför skriver du på både svenska & egelska?

2011-02-11 @ 05:30:53
URL: http://matildaasvennerlind.blogg.se/

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