Good morning!

I just woke up (yeah, yeah way too late I know)  and now I'm just waiting for my friends to get here.
We're just going to make some food and spend some quality time together I guess.
Anyhow that's much better than spending the evening drunk and waking up with the worlds worst head ache tomorrow haha. Been there, done that...

Vaknade just (yeah, yeah jag vet att det är alldeles för sent) och nu väntar jag på att mina kompisar ska komma hit.
Vi ska bara laga lite mat och spendera lite tid tillsammans.
Hur som helst är det mycket bättre än att spendera kvällen full och vakna med världens värsta huvudvärk.
Har gjort det alldeles för många gånga förut...

Laughing at myself

Haha, I'm sitting here laughing at myself at the moment. Was reading some blogs and ended up @ Stina-Lee's blogg as always, read the latest entry and then started to look for a like-button.
I do believe I use facebook a little bit too much, it's just so typical me to do something like that!
I'm 20 and I'm already acting like a senile old lady.

And in swedish:

Haha, sitter här och skrattar åt mig själv för tillfället. Kikade runt på lite olika bloggar och hamnade som vanlig på Stina-Lee's blogg. Efter att ha läst det senaste inlägget började jag av ren vana att leta efter "gilla-knappen".
Jag tror nog att jag använder facebook lite för mycket, det är bara så typsik mig att göra något sådant!
Jag är 20 år gammal och jag beter mig redan som en senil gammal dam.


I'm very proud of this picture actually. It's one of the first I took after I got my camera.
I still have so much to learn about it, there's like a million diffrent settings.
Maybe this picture could have been done better in a thousand ways, but to me it actually doesnt matter.
I really like it.

Photos by me

I do from today have a new category here on the blog.
Since I am a hobby photographer I've created a category for my pics called "photos by me"
I hope you will like them and all kinds of critique is more than welcome.

My 2010

Come to think of it, the year 2010 a lot of things has happened.
It's the year when I crashed my car, the year when I met some really important persons in my life, the year when I found myself without a home and the year when I actually started to study again.

The car crash I still remember like it was yesterday, we were 3 persons in the car and my dog.
Fortunately all of us got away without a scratch, some back pain and a shock but that was pretty much it.
I'm so thankful that everyone was okay. We were really lucky that night.
A car drove out right in front of our car and the roads were really icy, we didnt have a chance to stop even tho' we werent driving fast at all.

This is also the year when I got my first SLR - camera. It was a present from my mom on my 20th birthday and I'm so incredibly happy about it. Photography is my passion and it gives me energy and relaxes me.
There's nothing better than taking your camera with you and go for a long nice walk in the forest, just enjoying the silence and watching every detail around you trying to find a good motif. I just love it!

This is also the year when I got kicked out of my home. I still havent found anywhere permanent to stay but I'm working on it but nothing bad that doesnt bring something good. I've realized what kind of incredible people I have around me. By the time this happened I realized that my friends and family are amazing. They're always there for me and I cant express how much I appriciate what you've done for me. Each and everyone of you are wonderful.

Now, the last thing I wanna do is thank everyone. New and old persons in my life. All the people that has been there for me and that somehow make my life worth living. This year I've met a lot of new persons which have really moved me in one way or another. I've realized how lucky I am. So old and new friends, I just want to thank you all one more time for everything you've done for me and wish you all a Happy New Year!

Let's hope next year will be even better! I have a feeling it will...


Hello guys!
I'm still alive, it's just been a lot with christmas and a lot of other things as well.
New years eve tomorrow! I cant belive another year has passed already!

I've been thinking a lot about this with the promises we make on new years eve. At first I actually was thinking about making one, I was thinking about quitting to smoke. But do you know what? I know I will break that promise and I know that if I do I will feel really bad about it. So guess what, I'm not making one. If I wanna smoke I'll smoke, If I dont want to smoke I wont.
There you go, no promise, no regrets!
I'm just going to live.

From one place to another...

Well guys, for the third time this month I'm getting my stuff together. Only for a day this time but well...
I'm getting so used to moving around now that it doesnt really bother me.
One night here and one night there... Sure, its a little bit annoying not to have anywhere to go but atleast this time I get to see my beloved pets again. I will probably be back here again tomorrow.


Good morning!

Woke up at 06.35 today, I havent been awake that early in years!
Anyhow I managed to go back to sleep for a while and woke up again at 10.
Thank god! Like I'm not going crazy the way it is.
It's just so god damn boring to not have anything to do during the days. I need a hobby. XD
Did by the way have the most amazing dream. You know that kind of dream that feels real and which you just dont want to wake up from.
Only a couple of months left now... I really cant wait.

Anyhow, later tonight I'm going home to my mother for a while. Just to spend some time with the rest of my family and my pets. For you who doesnt know it I actually have 2 horses, 5 cats and a dog.
Unfortunately I couldnt bring any of them with me but I know that they like it better where they are now and they are good taken care of.

Evil eye

Sometimes when I'm bored I just thank god for my sketch pens. I might not be the best artist in the world but atleast I have fun. In my opinion that's what matters.

Messed up!

Feeling slightly better today and my fever is almost gone. Still trying to get a lot of rest to, all I can hope for is that I'll feel better before christmas.
At the moment I'm waiting for my mother to get here to give me my christmaspresent from my grandpa which is well needed at this moment. Christmas isnt so bad after all haha.

I have to go there someday, to take care of all of my animals and just get some fresh air.
I just have to figure out how to get there since I dont have a car to drive at the moment.
Bus isnt really a option, it's way to expensive.
Haha, it's funny that they want people to take the bus instead of driving by themselves to save the enviroment when the bus is so fucking expensive that no one can afford it. Let's face it, as long as it's cheaper to use the car instead of the bus no one will take the bus. I'm just saying...

Jeff Dunham

Hello guys!
I woke up feeling like shit this morning, dizzy and fever.
You all know what that means, right? MOVIEDAY!
Been watching Jeff Dunham - Spark of insanity and there's only one way to describe it really:
Funny as hell!!

You gotta love Achmed the dead terrorist!

He didnt hit the highway XD

What if all cops were like this? LOL

Metal head parrot?

Just in case you havent seen it, A parrot singing Drowing pool's song Let the bodies hit the floor.
This must be like the coolest parrot ever XD

Entry numero uno

Well, this will be my first entry in this blog. I havent blogged in a while but just felt like I need something to do during the days.  I'm 20 years old and I love music and photography. I have a canon eos 500D which I love. It's the best camera I've had so far and I take a lot of photos during the days. At the moment I live in an apartment in a small town in sweden and just finished some classes at ABF where I spent the last couple of months studying swedish, english, civics and math.

Welcome to my world

Välkommen till min nya blogg!